Privacy Policy

Privacy is a Right.

Tonio Doesn’t Track Visitors or Share Your Info

Our product philosophy is to provide creators with a standardized way to transmit media over audio without collecting unnecessary information.

Users should not be burdened with protecting their personally identifying information and browsing history. Tonio makes privacy protection automatic.

Opt In To a Great Experience 

Tonio users do not have to surrender personal data in order to enjoy the technology. Tonio works without identifying the user’s IP device or requiring a profile login. It’s the most convenient and worry-free way to receive content to your mobile device.

Higher Standards

Our site is GDPR-compliant. We don’t collect individual visitor data. We periodically look at overall user trends to provide a great web experience.

No User Profiles

We believe in improving our web content based on visitor feedback not automatic profiling, so the only web data we use is overall pagehits to see what info people look at the most. Our site doesn’t track unique browser information to create marketing profiles.