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Tonio is
tone with information

The new global standard
for data via audio.
For everyone.

It’s true when something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical.Jonathan Ive

The QR code
for audio.

Convenience captivates audiences.
Making information hands-free to retrieve is just the beginning.
Tonio has built upon past innovation to give TV and Radio broadcasters
the tools to deliver an immersive user experience.


Let’s agree on technology
and compete on content.

This new standard will level the playing field.
Tonio has laid the groundwork, so come play.
Now that Tonio has brought data via audio to the point
of standardization, broadcasters can compete on content.

Warner Media
Red Bull Media House

Content curated by your trusted
TV and radio stations.

Tonio champions a new way for audiences to take in content from:
sports to drama to news.
Imagine presenting an immersive experience which
can bering them additional content, drive loyalty,
boost e-commerce, or measure the size of your audience.

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Privacy matters.

Privacy is a fundamental right. Accessing a user’s microphone requires trust.
Broadcasters have the power to curate amazing content and deliver it
without strings attached.
Tonio doesn’t record any ambient sound or even require a login.
The smartphone simply opens curated content in response to our own signals.
Put qualms about privacy to rest by delivering curated content with Tonio.
Learn more from our Privacy Policy.

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