Tonio is the absolute best way to receive information on your mobile device via the audio signal from your radio or TV. The designated app magically presents users a weblink in response to signals hidden in the audio track.

Absolutely not. Tonio only responds to its own signals. We are committed to offering a technology that does not need for the user to be identified by SIM card, IP address, etc.
The app doesn’t record or transmit anything. The microphone doesn’t recognize human speech, ambient music, etc. Read more about our commitment to data privacy.

Tonio is available to install on Apple’s iOS and Android devices. Currently we don’t plan to support a Windows Phone version.

At the moment you need a mobile data connection or Wifi to receive content via an audio signal. We’ve heard your feedback and after our next update, content will be saved to the device in advance. This way, apps respond to audio watermarks with or without a live Internet connection.

Our technology works on every digital and analog system: radio, broadcast TV, cable TV, satellite, or internet streaming. If there’s audio, you can embed tones with information.

Yes! Users can receive your content through the Tonio app or your developers can code the responses into your app using our software developer kits for Android and iOS.

Tonio works for many different scenarios: schedule pre-timed events, trigger content synchronized with a broadcast, or encode one or more continuous signals. Our solutions work within your own apps, or you can use ours.

Creating Tonio’s “audio watermarks” to send content requires only a couple of steps. Get a Pretty specific creator’s guide by answering a few simple questions about your project.

Sending data via audio is a versitile technology. Let us answer your questions and get started on your next big thing.