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The simplest way to explore the magic of Tonio is too try it yourself. Follow the link and find out how Tonio works.

Tonio is the best way to receive information via audio directly on the smartphone.

Yes, Tonio is already applicable! The prerequisite is that the radio or television station supports the service and thus broadcasts the coded information.

Tonio is available for iOS (Apple Smartphones, Tablets) and Android Devices. You can install the app here: https://www.tonio.com/install. The implementation of a Windows Phone App is not planned.

The Tonio App uses the microphone to extract information from the radio or television signal. This is done in real time in the app. Nothing is recorded or sent to the Internet. Your private conversations remain private.

Our technology works through all digital and analog distribution channels. Therefore, no problem if the channel is broadcast via FM, DAB(+), cable, satellite or Internet stream.

Yes, Tonio can be seamlessly integrated into any existing app. You don’t need an additional app in this case.

Currently, you need a mobile data connection or active WLAN connection to display the content that reaches your smartphone via the audio signal.

In one of the next versions, it is planned that various contents will already be stored in the app. Then you don’t need an Internet connection to use Tonio. The audio signal is then used to automatically unlock and display the content in the app.

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