Privacy matters

We believe that privacy is a fundamental right.

We keep privacy user-centric.

We see privacy as the default:
We embed privacy into our design.
We offer end-to-end security.

We are transparent.

We follow a positive-sum approach.

Privacy is about control

Privacy is about control – control over your data, over your communication, over your home. We respect your data. That is why we do not collect it.

You can use Tonio anonymously.

Data not collected

Accessing a user’s microphone requires trust. Tonio does not collect data, does not record or save audio. Listening with Tonio is anonymous. No strings attached.

We protect your privacy. We do not require a login. Our promise: Go ahead and anonymously receive embedded value-added information from a trusted audio source. You decide on the next steps. Be invisible, leave no trace.

Tonio lets creators enrich audio with additional information

At its core, Tonio lets creators enrich an audio stream with additional information, for example an internet address. This additional information is embedded in the audio stream as an inaudible code. Tonio’s technology lets a listener “read” this code and see what information was sent along with the audio stream. If you’re listening to a song, it might be a link to a page highlighting the musician’s next concerts. Cool stuff. It’s like augmented reality for audio.

This means that Tonio needs access to your microphone to work. And because this is your phone we’re talking about, we sat down with privacy engineers and designed our system from the ground up with your privacy in mind.
When you use Tonio, you do so privately. You do not reveal any information about yourself to us. We do not even know that you were using Tonio. Privacy is our design.

Tonio neither records nor saves audio – we process the audio stream in realtime to read the embedded codes and show you what’s in the audio. Nothing more, nothing less.

Your rights

If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or your data protection rights have otherwise been violated in any way, you can complain to us ( or the data protection authority.

With regard to your data, you are entitled to the rights of information, correction, deletion, restriction, data transfer ability, revocation and objection.

You can reach us at the following contact details: gmbh
Gonzagagasse 19/14, 1010 Vienna, Austria

More to read

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In an effort to protect this property, we ask for your basic contact details to help us validate your identity before we open access to these resources.

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