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Our vision is to establish a new global standard for inaudible, real-time synchronization and delivery of data to smartphones and digital assistants in the world of broadcast (radio and TV) and internet of things (IoT) via audio: The QR code for audio.

Photo of Florian Novak

Dr. Florian Novak is Tonio’s founder and CEO. His Ph.D. in Law is from Vienna University. His relationship with WarnerMedia began in 2017 through Turner Broadcasting System. His 20 years of broadcast industry experience include the founding of Radio NRJ in Vienna, LoungeFM, and the 2005 launching of the world’s first 3G only radio on mobile phones. Known as a visionary and innovator in the media industries focused on technologies with transformative potential and implications for the preservation of privacy, Dr. Novak often presents at media conferences like Radiodays Europe and Munich Media Days.

After completing her master’s degree in Digital Media Management, Lara joined the Tonio team as Assistant to the CEO as well as project manager. To make sure every process runs smoothly she manages the information flow within the company and with customers. Lara always had a strong connection to the arts and design and believes that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. In this sense she is our creative head when it comes to online presence and giving our presentations finishing touches.

Larissa Neversal
Photo of Lukas Reiff

Lukas is one of our media magicians. As a Content Creator and Manager, he is responsible for turning simple ideas into something special. Currently finishing his master´s degree in journalism he already has experience in various fields of media – ranging from working in the public broadcaster ORF to being a commentator in Austrian esports broadcasting.

Wolfgang Neubert steers us towards the best applications for Tone with Information. He has around 15 years of experience in top management consulting with McKinsey & Company. In recent years he has served on a number of executive boards for Austrian corporations. Dr. Neubert studied at the Institute of Telecommunications in Vienna.

Wolfgang Neubert
Fiona Biber

Fiona is responsible for putting the dots on the i’s. As a Content Creator and Manager, she designs our media to make it pop and act as a messenger of our brand image. Discovering her love for the visual arts early, she came to us after completing her studies at SAE Vienna, where she both explored the possibilities of Media Design, Animation, Motion Graphics and Post Production and collected her first experiences in the industry.

Vlad is our Audio Expert and is responsible for the encoding and broadcasting of Tonio’s encoding system. With his expertise in audio broadcasting as well in Immersive audio, he is a valuable addition to the team. While focusing on audio, Vlad also is working in other areas of the company, making him a strong part of the team. Vlad holds a Master’s degree in Audio Design.

Vlad Baran
Otto Hofmannsrichter

As certified web designer and with his multi-year experience in developing applications, Otto is responsible for the progression of our web solutions and office management. Beside that he is the Swiss Army knife our team that clears any kind of problems along our way.

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