Cultivating a Dialogue at the Movies

For a start-up to be able to experience our own brand up on the silver screen – complete with Hollywood sound effects – it’s truly a memorable experience! This has been the case in Austria the past few days. This movie theater campaign, a collaboration with the marketing firm Cinecom, has been introduced throughout Austria.

DOT.magazine printed their take in advance of the launch, explaining how the app works and why it enriches the movie-going experience.

We introduce the experience to theater-goers with the help of our partners at Snipcard.
Posting a is a great way to introduce your media experience into a physical space.

The campaign introduces the audiences to Tonio using a quiz question, which is conjured up synchronously to the app users. The product kino.tonio.comwhich was programmed by the agency bluemonkeys relies on an impressively simple mechanism:

First, a spot informs users about the app and how it works, the advertising block is followed by a reminder, then the quiz question is played.

“Starting next year, movie theaters can be interactively linked between the big screen and a smartphone. With this new feature, cinema campaigns can be directly synched with the second screen.”

Together with Cinecom, our approach is to provide cinema advertising with added value. Picture perfect synchronization on the mobile phone, all to the advantage of users: raffle, quiz, or game, the link magically appears on the mobile screen. Work is being done on expanding with WLAN. Plus, the four largest movie chains in Austria: Cineplexx, Hollywood Megaplex, UCI, and Starmovie have also lifted the ban on using devices before the movie (yes, that was actually the policy for years and years.)

For advertisers, the time before the film will be a special opportunity to create a lasting impression through cinema advertising. Now, they are able to enter into a “digital dialogue” directly with their potential customers, give away vouchers, or even sell and deliver products such as apps, e-books, subscriptions or concert tickets directly through the smartphone.

This begins the realization of a very large and, as we find, fascinating vision in which we feel obliged to deliver a grandiose – just cool – user experience.

But when the fun is over, don’t forget: please turn off your device before the movie pleasure starts.

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