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A brilliant explosion of innovations and new ideas for the radio – that was the result of the first European radio.hack, which took place in the run-up to European Radiodays in Amsterdam. Tonio was very committed to developing new applications with other radio enthusiasts. Our project took the honorable 2nd place and made for a special world premiere.

Our pioneer project went online as one of the world’s first .radio domains. At the beginning there was the question: are we able to make analogue radio “divisible” on the smartphone? A “shareability” of radio content allows for forwarding via e-mail or social media like Facebook or WhatsApp. If audio is linkable, you can also bookmark it for later listening.

Our co-developed approach was to provide the original audio with an inaudible timecode using Tonio. This timecode leads the smartphone user to a landing page, in this case, which offers simple, smartphone-friendly menu navigation. That’s our approach.

How it works:
The listener becomes a “user” and can decide how to share the content. Pressing the share button leads directly to the player.

Why it’s special:
The timecodes are absolutely synchronous, refreshing in 10-second intervals.

Of course, it is also a prerequisite that the station has a Tonio reatlime encoder with which to embed the links. Unless legally prohibited, it would theoretically be possible to offer this linear radio service through third parties too.

For these reasons, we have opted for a news journal of the Austrian radio station Ö1.

This project would not have been possible without Hans Oberberger, Werner Staub, and the Tonio Team. Many thanks to the organizers of the BLM for a very successful European radio hack. It was a first, in every respect; when innovation has the right environment, a good team enjoys exemplary success.

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