Chilling Out with Red Bull Media House at Hangar-7

One of the best uses for our technology, Tonio, is to create the exact experience you envision.

Nowhere is better known to showcase art and ideas than Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria. It’s more than a stylish feat of glass architecture housing hip dining; it’s a temple of ingenuity.

It was among the airplanes and racing cars The Art Of Cineastic Chillout was born. This 10-song digital album gives listeners a sublime lounge compilation juxtaposed artfully with an audio-visual experience worthy of Hangar-7. LoungeFM broadcast the tracks, inviting listeners to install Tonio and join in the experience.

What brings this project to the next level is the magic of sending data via audio – the videos appear on the listener’s device hands-free, creating a user experience that’s almost mystical.

Red Bull Media House is one of many cultural entities affiliated with the Hangar’s resident curators and chefs. The Hangar-7 Sound Team published the compilation with the help of their sister company, Red Bull Media House. The technology provided by Tonio was instrumental in linking the video experience to the album.

In order to capture the true essence of the Hangar, the listener shouldn’t have to think about syncing the companion videos with the music. Stunning landscape videos simply play on the listener’s phone in response to the songs.

Cinetastic landscapes accompany songs you can chill out to.

The whole experience makes you feel like you live a carefree life sharing your time between snowboarding, creating art, and dancing the night away. It’s as if all these experiences come together to make you feel like Red Bull has given you wings!

The videos feature stunning aerial shots and upbeat, ambient tracks. Together with Tonio, you’re taken on a visual ride. This collaboration was our submission to the Austrian Radio Prize in 2017, in which we took the Bronze in the Innovation category!

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