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We are looking
for an expert in privacy

Who we are
Tonio is the new global standard for data via audio. Tonio’s ambition is to establish a wireless protocol for transmitting data via audio for everyone. Accessing a user’s microphone requires trust. Delivering data via audio allows unique ways to protect privacy as the user does not need to disclose any data. We thrive to be best-in-breed in all questions related to privacy and are now looking for an expert in this field.

Why we believe in privacy
We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and our aim is to contribute new concepts in the important discussion on how to improve it.

What to do
We look for a hands-on expert and sparring partner in our discussion to improve our position on privacy and to help to prove our ambitions and implemented measurements. You are in charge of preparing applications for grants to improve our research and development capacity and will work with academic research institutes.

Your expertise
You are familiar with current discussions about privacy – from GDPR, to k-anonymity to differential privacy and privacy budget. You are passionate about contributing to the ongoing conversations by processing and writing about privacy in a way that is easy to understand by everybody. You appreciate tools like git-hub and you know how to develop an open-source strategy to fuel trust in us of a critical community. A passion for everything related to audio, from music to podcasts, from radio to Dolby and for a crisp and clear language is more than welcome and will help us understand you are the right person for us.

We are located in Vienna and New York, but you can work from anywhere. Project-based, paid by the hour.

Please send your application to Dr. Florian Novak, jobs@tonio.com.

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