ShazamKit to empower Tonio to deliver the best audio recognition ever

Apple makes sure the ever-changing world of audio keeps on thriving – and we are here for it! Starting with the new iOS update, Shazam will be part of any app for Apple users. 

Shazam has been around for quite a while. This app that identifies music based solely on a short audio sample, has become so popular that it is also used as a verb. 

Apple acquired the company in 2018, and since then, the tech giant has used Shazam’s music recognition technology for several purposes. Shazam also powers Siri’s “What Song is This”.

With the release of ShazamKit, Apple is opening the doors to its technology for Tonio.

Logo of ShazamKit

What is ShazamKit?

ShazamKit allows users to make any pre-recorded audio (even with background noise) recognizable. It also brings audio recognition to your apps and will enable you to match music to Shazam’s catalog, which includes millions of songs.

With ShazamKit, Tonio will use the magic of Shazam to match any pre-recorded audio to our custom audio catalog, which our clients can use for podcasts, videos, and more.

It can also be used for polling and trivia, shoppable TV, and loyalty programs.We are thrilled to see new advances in the world of audio and audio recognition technologies contributing to standardization. 

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