Tonio Delivers a Live Radio Quiz Right to Mobile

For two days, the future of radio was the focus of radio.hack, which was organized for the first time by the Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM) in collaboration with the Institute for Broadcasting Technology (IRT) and the research project HbbRadio in Munich at the end of January.

Radio.hack Europe brings together teams to conceive and develop new ideas within 48 hours. The teams with the best prototypes are asked to present them on the main stage at Radiodays Europe. We were all very enthusiastic, as it was an ideal opportunity to work with other developers, programmers, and radio professionals on projects that will influence the future of radio.

The radio station sends the quiz questions directly to the phone and calls the winner live from the studio.

Another feature of the idea, realized within 48 hours, is not only that every listener can participate, but also that we were able to measure the time until the answer on the smartphone locally on the respective mobile phone and the final result is shown to all of the participants.

All in all, it was a very special event and an ideal environment for innovations in radio. Many thanks to the organizers!

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