Munich Media Days 2018


We are presenting at this year’s Medientage München aka Munich Media Days, Oct. 24-26 2018. The annual event brings together thought leaders in radio, television, internet media as well as other influencers such as legislators focusing on the future of media. Our presentation is part of Immersive Media Day, a special segment highlighting VR, AR, […]

Turner and Tonio Collaborate on Gumball Quiz App


Cooperation with a global player like Turner is a big step for us, and enthusiasm among the Tonio team is correspondingly high. Together, we are working with Cartoon Network to deliver interactive second-screen content to users watching the hit cartoon, “The Fantastic World of Gumball.” The free app from Cartoon Network is now available in […]

The 2017 Austrian Radio Prize


The ORF awards bring together innovators across all areas of media for a night of celebration of individual achievements, and of the progress in our media. We’re pleased to report that the LoungeFM collaboration with Hangar-7/Red Bull Media House was honored at this year’s ceremony. “The Art of Cinetastic Chillout” was awarded the bronze award […]

Chilling Out with Red Bull Media House at Hangar-7


One of the best uses for our technology, Tonio, is to create the exact experience you envision. Nowhere is better known to showcase art and ideas than Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria. It’s more than a stylish feat of glass architecture housing hip dining; it’s a temple of ingenuity. It was among the airplanes and racing […]

Share Content: Makes it Possible


A brilliant explosion of innovations and new ideas for the radio – that was the result of the first European radio.hack, which took place in the run-up to European Radiodays in Amsterdam. Tonio was very committed to developing new applications with other radio enthusiasts. Our project took the honorable 2nd place and made for […]

Tonio at European Radio Hack and European Radio Days


Radio Hack Europe (March 18th to 19th) is not only geared towards people in radio, but companies with a broader interest in audio as well. Forty participants from 11 countries and three continents are participating in this great event that will be the official pre-event for the European Radio Days in Amsterdam. Keep an eye out […]

The new sound of music in Austin Texas


Powered by Advantage Austria, Austria wants to showcase a selection of its most innovative and promising young artists, startups, brands, and institutions of music and media, inspiring the audience with their new ideas and ingenious technologies. Throughout history, Germany and Austria were the birthplaces of some of the most creative and significant ideas that connected […]

Riveting Extra Content for Crime Miniseries “Pregeau”


Everyone is familiar with the interrogation scenes in crime dramas. Beads of sweat collect on the forehead of the suspect while a polygraph needle makes feverish scrawls which indicate whether the accused is telling the truth or lying. Devices that derive from fluctuations in the tone of voice or through measurable changes in skin resistance, […]

Cultivating a Dialogue at the Movies


For a start-up to be able to experience our own brand up on the silver screen – complete with Hollywood sound effects – it’s truly a memorable experience! This has been the case in Austria the past few days. This movie theater campaign, a collaboration with the marketing firm Cinecom, has been introduced throughout Austria. […]

Horizont: Now Radio is Visible


After we were awarded first Austrian Radio prize for Innovation, lots of people took interest in our concept. Among them, Horizont, the platform for Marketing Advertising and Media. Thank you, Claudia Tschabuschnig for the interesting conversation! The Eureka moment came when I was leafing through a free daily newspaper in which I like to clip […]